Rick Parnell Music

Return to the Railway

Last night Graham and I played a 45 minute feature set for a very appreciative crowd at the ACT in Maple Ridge. Our focus is now squarely on the scheduled performance at the Railway Club on Saturday, October 24th.

To say we're excited about this feels like an understatement. Last month we played an early set at the Railway as part of the Puddle City program and our own "epic" Thursday. While everything that could go wrong seemed to be doing so in the hours leading up to the gig, the room and the stage turned out to be perfectly suited to our music and energy and we had a blast performing that set. To perform there again became an instant objective, and the offer to fill in for a cancellation came within days.

The lineup for that evening is expected to include all five current band members - a first. We'll be part of a three band evening in this great historic venue, and the cost is just $10 at the door. This one should not be missed. We expect to be the opener, which means you'll certainly want to be in the club before 9:30 pm.