Rick Parnell Music

Looking forward to November

Rick at The Railway Club, October 24, 2015  

It's been a couple of days since our first Saturday night performance at the legendary Railway Club.  Another first for the band was that we used three guitars, with both my son Hart and Graham Ronne showing their chops on electric lead. The dynamic was definitely cool, and we extended a couple of songs to give them both soloing opportunities.

I'm very much looking forward to the next scheduled performance for the band: Saturday, November 7th at the Cafe Deux Soleils (2096 Commercial Drive in Vancouver). This promises to be a more intimate and lower volume show than the last one, and while the set list will include a couple of rockers, the sound at the Cafe is much more conducive to some of the more delicate numbers that we passed over for the set at the Railway. This is also the last scheduled performance for the band in 2015, as we take some time to write, record, regroup and make plans for the new year.

You can buy tickets in advance through eventbrite and save 20% from the price at the door.