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How much fun can you have for 50 cents?

On Friday night we are going to participate in the 50 Cent Guitar Club's Exploration of Music as they attempt to expand the reach of an idea I first heard about on CBC radio way back in 2009.  The idea was a simple one - that guitar and song were not about fame and notoriety, but about community. The context of parlour music performed by amateur singers and songwriters in middle class homes had gradually faded into history with the advent of recorded music. Doug Collins and his club sought to bring it back, to promote songwriting, guitar playing, and even instrument building in an intimate, non-threatening and supportive environment.

After hearing Doug promote the concept on CBC's North by Northwest one Sunday morning, I decided to look him up and get myself invited to the next meeting at his home.  Since that original meeting I've participated in many others and even hosted one. Along the way I've developed some significant friendships with the songwriting regulars. I was introduced to our Producer, bassist and now dear friend Ian Lopez Ganoza through the group. I met key collaborators Terry Martyniuk and Carl Korytko (who also became a key guitar mentor to Hart) directly through the club as well.

So, when Doug Collins asked us to participate in this Friday's events to see if the club's objectives might be broadened to reach further, I was in. The evening will start with an open mic to respect the club's mandate of providing a supportive environment for amateur writers and artistts who can also mingle with experienced musicians and some professionals. This will be followed with a set by the Rick Parnell Band.

Come out Friday, play if you'd like, and support the musicians and artists in your community who are wanting to be heard. The band Friday will include Ian Lopez Ganoza, Graham Ronne, Terry Martyniuk and with luck Hart will make it there in time as well. Some of us are likely to participate in the open mic session as well. This should be fun! 
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