Rick Parnell Music

Back to basics

This month we released my latest album of original songs: Until the Dawn. We did so very softly and quietly, well aware that the timing went against all good advice and that there would be little interest or audience.  The CD itself won't be produced or released until Spring (if at all). On the other hand, it was ready and overdue, and there is enough new material to release another one next year if the timing seems better. Those who have heard the new record seem to like it, and maybe more importantly, the songs are fun to play live.

Since the last official band performance last March, I have mostly been playing short open mic sets at Trees on Granville - either solo or accompanied by guitarist Graham Ronne.  Last Friday we did a featured set at John Pippus' songwriter showcase. While the band has rehearsed and is still sounding great, the opportunities to perform original music for live audiences are few.

That's why Graham and I have decided to commit ourselves to the open mic circuit like the start-ups we are.  For the last few years Trees has been the only open mic I've been interested in doing because of it's great vibe, location and appreciative crowd. On Wednesday, we decided to check out the Kitchen Table in Kitsilano and on Thursday we ventured to North Vancouver and the Rusty Gull. Both venues gave us an extremely warm reception and the vibe we are seeking. We will therefore continue our open mic tour over the next few weeks and I will start to advise where we will be playing on the day through Twitter and Facebook. If you mention this blog to me at any of our appearances, I'll happily provide you with a free CD Baby download card for the new album or the Next Time Around album.