Rick Parnell Music

Website refresh now complete

Over the past month or so I have been slowly updating and upgrading my website (www.rickparnell.com). Most of the changes are subtle, and intended to improve the experience on mobile devices. The Electronic Press Kit is now on a single colour coded page, with clickable access to stream all of the albums in the discography. The videos have been sorted by record as well and available in the same spot as the music.

The biggest changes are under the Merchandise tab. I've done away with the download card links, as they were redundant to the info printed on the cards themselves. Instead, there are buttons leading to the free iPhone and Android apps. The Buy Direct store has been totally revamped to make the checkout process more secure, yet more flexible and tailored. We've also added the flash drives we've been selling live the last couple of months. In addition to being loaded with all of the music produced to date, the drives have a link to be able to access and download future singles and album releases as soon as we complete them.  With a single purchase you get the past, present and future - how cool is that?

To mark the reopening, we're offering 20% off everything until the end of the year. As always, I welcome any feedback especially if It helps to improve the usefulness of the site even more. Free free to use the contact form from the site, or the comment section on this blog. 

Be sure to check the Shows tab for upcoming opportunities to join us live, including at the 50 Cent Guitar Club event at The Way  (11111 Horseshoe Way, Richmond) this Friday, October 2nd).